API Heat Transfer - Heat Exchangers

API - Thermal Systems:  Industry leading designs specializing in the Liquid Food and Beverage markets.  Evaporators, De-Alcoholization, Short Time Heating & Deaeration Systems, Sanitary


Enerquip, LLC - Stainless Steel & High Alloy Heat Exchangers

Design and fabrication of specialty shell and tube Heat Exchangers and Tube Bndles for sanitary, Food, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Specialty Industrial Applications


Reinforced Tank Products (RTP), Inc. - Fiberglass (FRP) Fabrication

Standard and custom fabrication of filament wound tanks/vessels up to 500,000 gallons; large diameter experts.


Pulsed Hydraulics, Inc. (PHi) - Pneumatic Blending/Mixing Systems

No shear mixing.  Use Nitrogen, CO2, Argon, clean compressed air for mixing.  Us ethe power of a large bubble to mix entire contents of the tank within minutes.  Effective mixing in up to 75% solids in a wide rane of viscosities.  Wine Blending, dairy, waste water.


Grayhog Industries - One Way / Low Cost shipments of Bulk Liquids

Patented flexible mixing/shipping bag liner will fit into standard 20 ft. container, providing low cost 6,000 gallon capacity.  Uniquely capable of mixing of separated liquids/solids prior to pump out.