Heat Recovery / Heat Transfer 

Direct Contact Inc. - Heat and Water Recovery

Specializing in the recovery of vented "waste" heat using proprietary non-fouling recovery system design.  Unique approach & high efficiency design with typical project ROI's (simple payback) averaging <2 years.


API Heat Transfer - Heat Exchangers

API Basco:  Industry standard and custom Shell & Tube exchangers; Hub, PLAC, OP, TYPE 500, ES

API Schmidt-Bretten:  Gasketed, semi welded, fully welded & brazed plate exchangers

API Thermal Systems:  Industry leading designs specializing in the liquid Food and Beverage markets, Evaporators, De-alcoholization, short time heating & deaeration systems; Sanitary

Downloads:  Shell & Tube RFQ, Plate & Frame RFQ


Carbone of America - Graphite and Specialty Heat Exchangers

Carbone of America, Chemical Equipment Division, is the worlds premier manufacturer of Graphite Heat Exchangers and has introduced the KAPP line of high efficiency welded metallic plate heat exchangers to North America.  Proven designs have supported chemical process applications worldwide for over 50 years.


Enerquip, LLC. - Stainless Steel & High Alloy Heat Exchangers

Design and fabrication of specialty shell & tube heat exchangers & tube bundles for Sanitary, Food, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Specialty Industrial applications.


Thermofin - Coils, Heaters, Coolers and Heat Exchangers

Specializing in high efficiency Extruded heating and cooling coils, steam coil air heating, hydro-electric coolers, motor and generator coolers, transformer oil coolers.


Super Radiator Coils - Plate Fin Heat Exchanger Coils

Pioneering new technologies that allow design and building of the most compact, efficient & economical heat exchangers for a variety of applications and industries.


INDEECO - Electric Heaters / Immersion / Open Coil / Screw Plug, Flange / Duct

Industry leader for electric heaters

Tanks / Vessels

Koch-Knight LLC - Acid Proof Brick & Corrosion Resistant Vessel Linings / Internals / Packing

Corrosion-Resistant & Acid-Proof materials.  Pyroflex┬« Tank Sheet Lining.  Autoclave Services


Reinforced Tank Products (RTP) Inc. - Fiberglass (FRP) Fabrication

Standard & Custom fabrication of filament-wound tanks/vessels up to 500,000 gallons; large diameter experts.


Magneco-Metrel, Inc. - Industrial Refractory Linings

Patented Colloidal Silica Binders employ nanotechnology to provide unique ability to produce a monolithic refractory lining (no mortar).  Proven in blast furnace & glass tank applications, the no cement products can be applied hot for critical installations (from patches to full scale repairs).  Their available Robotic equipment reduces exposure to risk & allows for the fastest turnarounds of any refractory on the market.


Carbone of America - Chemical Equipment Division - Specialty Corrosion Resistant

The world's premier manufacturer of corrosion-resistant process and heat transfer equipment and systems for over 50 years.


Forest City Companies - Custom Tank Insulation Covers / Anti Freeze Heaters

Custom fabrication of Insulated Tank Blankets, Indoor and Outdoor suitable materials.  Removable for servicing of heating coils or integrated electrical heating elements.

 Tower Packing

Koch-Knight LLC - Ceramic Packing / Media / Internals

Standard and low pressure drop (LPD) Ceramic Packing, structured packing, Internals


Koch Knight LLC - Plastic Mass Transfer Tower Packing / Internals


Plastic Packing, Super-Intalox, Snowflake, Structured Packing, Internals (distributors supports)

 Gas / Liquid Contacting & Separation

Direct Contact Inc. - Custom Engineered Scrubbing and Vaporization Systems

Engineered systems for high efficiency and chemical scrubbing applications.  Experienced with caustic and acidic applications.  Modular components or fully automated skid-mounted systems.


Kimre, Inc. - Mist Eliminators / Separators

Woven Mesh (vs. knitted) designs provide notably superior performance and anti-fouling capacity


Munters - Mist Eliminators / Separators / Specialized Packing

Industry standard designs for Pulp & Paper and CPI applications - T-271

 Mixing / Flow Conditioning

Sulzer Chemtec USA Inc. - Mixing & Reaction Technology Group / In-Line or Static Mixing

In-line or Static mixers for gas, gas/liquid, liquid/liquid (low to very high viscosities), Liquid/solid process streams.  High efficiency direct injection of steam.  Melt blenders and mixing heads for plastic extrusion.


Pulsed Hydraulics (PHi) Inc. - Pneumatic Blending Systems / Mixing

No Shear!  Use compressed air, nitrogen, or CO2 to provide efficient mixing without damaging valuable product.  Wide range of viscosities and minimal components in contact w/product allows for easy cleaning and lower costs.  Fast and highly versatile for food, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, waste water, oil and chemical applications.


Cheng Fluid Systems - Flow Turbulence Control Technology

Control turbulence caused by piping elbows, tees and sudden expansions.  Pump cavitation, vibration & noise, elbow erosion and turbulence-based performance issues of Flow Monitors, control valves and check valves are minimized with patented CRV and LAD units.  Performs equally well for gas and liquids.

 Liquid Treatment / Packaging

Weschem, Inc. - Boiler, Sanitation, Cooling and Process Water and Wastewater Treatment

All phases of process and wastewater treatment; A regional leader in the manufacture and application of water treatment systems and chemicals.  As us about the ZERO chemical option for cooling towers!


Grayhog Industries - Low Cost / One Way Shipments of Bulk Liquids

Patented flexible mixing/shipping bag liner will fit into standard 20-ft. shipping container providing loq cost 6000 gallon capacity.  Uniquely capable of mixing of separated liquids/solids prior to pump out.