VOC and Odor Compliance


ProEnvironmental Inc. - RTO / RCO / Design & Aftermarket Servicing

Industry leading RTO/RCO/Recuperative/Direct-fired Oxidizers providing process abatement & compliance equipment to Wood Products, Pulp & Paper, Painting/Finishing, Converting, Packaging, CPI, Pharmaceutical, Baking/Food Processing industries.

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Bekaert - CEBĀ® Clean Enclosed Burner Systems

Keeping the environment clean through the efficient and complete combustion of waste gases.  Bekaerts proprietary knitted FeCr alloy fabric BekinitĀ® is used to provide complete surface combustion and ensures destruction efficiency of 99.9+%.  Extremely low emmisions, low NOx, smokeless operation, small footprint, large turndown.  Trailer mounted rental fleet for temporary applications.

 RTO / RCO Media


Koch-Knight LLC. - Packing / Media / Internals

RTO/RCO Media - Standard saddles, Low Pressure Drop (LPD), High efficiency & Glaze resistent (GR), Flexeramic" & Corflex" Structured packing


 Custom Scrubbers & Quench Systems


Direct Contact Inc. - Custom Engineered Scrubbing and Vaporization Systems

Engineered systems for high efficiency and chemical scrubbing applications.  Experienced with caustic and acidic applications.  Modular components or fully automated skid mounted systems.


 Mist Elimination


Munters - Mist Eliminators / Separators / Specialized Packing

Industry standard Chevron designs for Pulp & Paper and CPI applications - T-271"


Kimre - Mist Eliminators / Separators

Woven Mesh ( vs. knitted) designs provide notably superior performance and snti-fouling capacity

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 Diesel Engine Compliance - Fuel Reduction


EcoEmissions Systems (EES) - Catalytic Injection Systems

Proprietary Platinum based combustion satalysts are introduced to the combustion chamber with the air promoting complete combustion, lower fuel consumption, lower exhaust temperatures as well as NOx, ozone and particulate emissions.  Significant benefits to engine maintenance/service.  Designed for mobile transport, but also (even more) effective for stationary diesel Gen-Sets.